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“My total association with Keercutter over the years has been a tremendous asset to me. They are totally above board and easy to work with. When I needed a new product to add to my portfolio, they made the connection easy. Thanks Keercutter.”

David, Cabinet Manufacturer Representative.

“My relationship with Keercutter spans three decades and they are a great contact in the kitchen and bath industry. Keercutter was able to match me with a unique opportunity. The Keercutter team have a deep well of industry knowledge and contacts; I wouldn’t hesitate one second recommending Keercutter for new challenges.”

Ann, Marketing Communications Manager

"Thanks to your web site and your quick response I was able to secure a great opportunity with a industry related product that fits perfectly into my portfolio of offerings in the Western Region.Thank you and your team for your professional services that help "connect the dots" in this comlicated industry."


I. Connor - Owner, Independent Rep Agency

"Working with Keercutter has been a pleasure. They took on a difficult assignment to locate someone in a specific region with a specific background and stuck with the process to find the right person who is a good "fit" within our needs. We value the tenacity, communication, and partnership that was demonstrated in our search. Thank you!"

Keith, Components Manufacturer

" Great tool! I was able to find and sign two new agencies through your website in a very short time. In the past I had to run expensive ads in local newspapers or job boards and wait for reps to respond. This tool gives me instant access and is more cost effective than anything out there. Thanks again and we will use this program for all of our independent sales rep needs."

Andy S. - V.P. Sales - Cabinet Manufacturer

"What a great tool. I was able to shop for a new line and at the same time keep my information confidential. I was able to wait for the right manufacturer to contact me through the system and would not have heard about this opportunity if I had not been using Keercutter Reps. It is a perfect fit for me and I could not be happier. I will continue to use this site to grow my business!"

Jamie, Owner, Sales Agency

   "What a great tool and easy process. We were able to identify 4 new agencies through your website that are a great match to our products. We would not have found these sales reps without your help. We couldnt believe the cost of this compared to running ads, and spending time sourcing on our own. This is a great value and we will continue to grow our sales using this site. Thanks again and keep up the good work!"

Mark - Human Resource Director, Cabinet Manufacturer

" I was able to pick up another line for my business that my customers wanted. Keercutter made this connection easy . I am excited about this service for future opportunities to look at new lines for my portfolio. Thanks again Keercutter and keep up the good work!"

Jim, Independent Sales Representative

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